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Eliminate Your Debt in 2013

In today’s economy, millions of people are fighting to make ends meet. Every day, more and more people are losing their jobs or having their hours cut back at work. In many cases, families are facing lawsuits, foreclosure and wage garnishment.

If you are overwhelmed by your debt, consider the potential benefits of filing for bankruptcy.

For several years, DIY4Law has helped people like you find a local attorney to discover how bankruptcy could help.

As a result of some major law changes, it is now even more difficult to file on your own. A local bankruptcy attorney can help you decide the best answer to your debt problems.

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What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy was created to protect those that are in serious financial trouble. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, the two main bankruptcy chapters, were designed to erase debt, as well as put a stop to collections and foreclosure.

The bankruptcy laws were created to provide relief to those who have been victimized by job loss, staggering medical bills, disability, divorce or identity theft. Often times, a combination of unfortunate events and job loss can create the perfect financial storm. Bills that once were manageable become too much to handle.

The US bankruptcy code was created to help those with serious financial problems get back on their feet. If you are struggling to pay your bills and you’ve never filed before, it is possible that you may qualify to file bankruptcy.

Can You Benefit From Filing Bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy provides relief to millions of people in difficult financial circumstances.

Chapter 7  is especially helpful for people who have large amounts of unsecured debts, such as medical bills, credit card debt and unsecured personal loans.

Chapter 13 is often the best option for debtors who want to stop collection efforts from their creditors but still want to repay their debts. Stopping foreclosure is the biggest reason that most people choose Chapter 13 bankruptcy, rather than the more appealing Chapter 7.

With Chapter 13, homeowners who face foreclosure proceedings can halt the legal actions by choosing this bankruptcy filing option.

In most Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, the automatic stay goes into effect immediately, stopping creditors and debt collectors in their tracks.

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